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"Why Moms Should Exercise - NOW"
-Bornfit Activewear for Moms
date posted: February 16, 2010

dsc 63322 150x150 Why is it Important for Moms to Exercise and....Why BornFit?Ever have one of those mornings?  After hitting snooze 3 times and missing your “I PROMISE I will exercise this morning!!” workout, you wake to crying children and a never ending cycle of cleaning messes, refereeing sibling arguments and not-so-patiently dealing with complaining children.

OR – Have you ever had one of these mornings?  You keep your promise to yourself and rise early to get your workout in and experience a sense of peace while doing something just for you.  You feel energized physically and spiritually and, once home from your run or time at the gym, you pleasantly smile at your children as they wake up (cranky or not) and you lovingly ask them what they’d like for breakfast.  The day begins and the messes, screaming and complaining are a little easier to deal with, because you have done something for yourself and you feel a sense of achievement.

Pregnant or not, a mother needs to exercise!  Your body and your sanity will love you for it!  `:)`   In addition to feeling good, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we are unable to care for our families.  How many times have you heard the airline safety instructions to first place the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on your child?

At BornFit, we believe that a strong body builds a confident spirit.  And when we feel confident we can achieve absolutely anything we set our minds to!

I had no prior apparel experience, but felt passionate about designing clothing to inspire women.  Why?  Because I want to keep moms moving and active!  When we look good and feel stylish and comfortable on the outside we feel better inside; we’re inspired to go farther, to push ourselves harder and to go that extra mile!   BornFit’s vision is to create activewear that encourages and energizes moms to stay fit before, during and after pregnancy.

Ask yourself what kind of day you’d like to have.  And then get out there knowing that YES, you CAN!   We are all BornFit!
There’s no time like the present.  Set a Goal and then Go For It!

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