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about seeMOMMYrun.com

seeMOMMYrun.com is an organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of mothers and children by providing easy access to family-friendly fitness groups. It is our mission to help moms in every community, no matter their social status, cultural background, or income level build lifelong social networks, maintain active lifestyles and be positive role models for their families and friends.

seeMOMMYrun.com is a networking Web portal that allows moms to communicate and make their own arrangements for running or walking together in groups. The web site accommodates its members' geographic needs, time restraints, and fitness abilities without having to spend time away from their children because moms in every area or neighborhood can start a group convenient for themselves.

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seeMOMMYrun.com is not responsible for the health, safety, or injuries of participants. All members participate at their own risk and should always consult a physician prior to starting any new fitness routine. With that said, we DO offer training tips, advice, and group activities to help our members and users stay safe and fit.

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