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"Ten Health And Fitness Accounts You Should Be Following On Twitter"
-Guest Post
date posted: June 09, 2012

Twitter is a major source for health and fitness information. People can find articles, advice, and reviews that help them stay fit, lose weight, and improve overall health. Fitness and healthcare experts, organizations, and magazines tweet information daily to thousands of followers. The information provided by top tweeters could make a significant difference in people`s health. Here are ten of Twitter`s most influential:

1. Health Magazine

Followers: 1,500,847

Health Magazine is not only one of the best print resources for health information, it is also one of the best sources on Twitter for all aspects of health. Health Magazine tweets recipes of the day, inspirational news, tips to improve mental health, and links for great workouts. Health Magazine is also one of the top 20 Healthy Habit Twitter Profiles from SocialMediaDelivered.com.

2. Menís Health Magazine
Followers: 904,821

Men`s Health Magazine covers a range of topics including weight loss, nutrition, health, fitness, sex, and advice for men. The information from this account is similar to what Health Magazine tweets but is one of the few well-known sources of health and fitness guidance for men.

3. WomensHealth.gov
Followers: 429,023

WomensHealth.gov is a website run by the Office on Women`s Health, which is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. WomensHealth.gov releases news about finding doctors, nutrition information, and the latest health information given by the government. This is a great follow for those who really value the authenticity of information they receive.

4. Lisa Lillie
Followers: 70,023

Lisa Lillie`s Twitter profile, @HungryGirl, is listed as the number 1 most influential Twitter profile by WeFollow.com covering health. Although her profile simply states "I like food." Lillie offers diet and nutrition answers and tweets survival strategies for hungry women. The website provides similar information, polls, and episodes of Lillie`s show Hungry Girl on the Cooking Channel. In addition to her show and website, Lillie is the author of the book Hungry Girl Supermarket Survival. Her Twitter account is ranked number 1 out of 1,124 accounts for diet on WeFollow.com. It is also ranked number 53 of 17,413 for food.

5. DailyFitnessTip
Facebook Page

Followers: 44,118

DailyFitnessTip tweets health and fitness information every day that is geared toward women. Their Twitter account is ranked the number 6 most influential by WeFollow.com. In the category of diet, they rank them number 6 of 1,124. DailyFitnessTip is also number 2 of 450 for healthy profiles and number 11 of 13,701 for fitness.

6. Mitzi Dulan
Followers: 13,535

Mitz Dulan is a fitness and nutrition expert, coauthor of The All-Pro Diet, and a bootcamp owner. Dulan had appeared on Fox News, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC. She is also a columnist for 435 South Magazine. Dulan tweets motivational and nutrition information including her personal food choices. Dulan`s Twitter account is one of SocialMediaDelivered.com`s top 20 Healthy Habit Twitter Profiles.

7. Dr. Mehmet Oz
Followers: 1,851,755

Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiac surgeon, author, and the host of the Emmy-winning Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz tweets health-related information and hosts twitter chats, which he ties into information on his show. He also answers questions regarding health insurance when followers want to compare what they see on InsuranceQuotes.org and other health insurance websites.

8. Robb Wolf
Followers: 33,224

Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, former review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and co-owner NorCal Strength & Conditioning. Wolf is also the author of the New York Times Best Seller The Paleo Solution and The Paleo Diet - a diet that consists of only what our cavemen-like ancestors consumed.

9. Tom Venuto


Venuto is an author who is passionate about bodybuilding, fitness, personal development, and helping you get healthy and lean the natural way. His tweets consist of motivational quotes, fitness tips, and unique health methods.

10. Sara Gottfried, MD


Dr. Sara Gottfried is a gynecologist, yoga instructor, and Harvard medical professional, and author of The Hormone Cure. Dr. Gottfried tweets about alternative medicine, Ayurveda, and integrative medicine backed by scientific research. Dr. Gottfried believes identifying and treating the root cause of illness, not just the symptoms or the condition.

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