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"Quest for the Perfect Running Shorts"
-Shelley Akerley
date posted: January 22, 2014

This is the story of how I came to design, what I believe, are the best running/walking shorts available for women.

I am a 50 something mom of two, and like millions of women, I run (trot really) to stay in shape and to ease the guilt of all the chips and salsa I like to eat.

Also, like millions of women, I have bladder issues and monthly inconveniences that I deal with while trying to exercise. Due to the chips and salsa referenced above, I prefer to run in compression shorts under running shorts for chafing and appearance reasons. As if these physical issues aren't enough, there is the constant bunching of fabric between the legs providing one more annoying and unattractive element.

Accommodating all of these obstacles often meant that I would run with feminine pads in my underwear, underneath my compression shorts, underneath my running shorts. That left me with the discomfort of three waistbands. Then as I was running or working out, the pads would usually wad up becoming uncomfortable and ineffective. I tried putting panty liners or pads directly onto my compression shorts, eliminating one waistband, but that didn't work either as the pad would start moving up or back as I ran and by the end of my run the pad would be at my waistline, obviously not where I needed it!

Let's face it ladies, it's hard enough to find the motivation to exercise. Throw in all these difficulties and sometimes it just isn't worth it.

I started thinking that someone should design a pair of women's athletic shorts to help deal with these issues. I looked in stores, searched the internet, and tried different brands but didn't find anything that worked. That's when I decided to do it myself. Now I'm happy to say that after several years of trial and error, I have designed a line of women's athletic shorts that overcome all of these obstacles, and I would love to share them with you.

My company, Evinco Sports (evinco is a Latin word that means overcome or defeat), offers three patent-pending styles of women's shorts to provide solutions for the issues we face. I hope my products help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

Check out your solutions at evincosports.com

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